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Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Restoration can be a life saver, as the damage smoke can cause to your electronics is serious. At Techno Klean, we understand the intricate process of smoke damage restoration as well as the differences between every situation to quickly and properly treat your smoke damaged electronics. Smoke Damage Restoration processes are completely dependant on what kind of fire was burning. Different situations cause different kinds of smoke damage to electronics. For instance, a smoldering fire burning at a low temperature will leave wet smoke residue, which is sticky, smelly and extremely difficult to clean. A faster, hotter burning fire will leave dry smoke residues, which are generally more powdery and flaky then their counterpart. Protein residues are left behind, which will discolor paint and invade your electronics with pungeant odors.

Smoke does extensive damage because of the way it moves, but Techno Klean technicians understand smoke damage restoration. Smoke can penetrate into cracks and small crevices in surfaces you wouldn't expect, causing damage and odors to emanate. It is also common for smoke to travel throughout a home or business through plumbing pipes and HVAC systems entering areas of the building otherwise not directly affected by the fire.

Techno Klean Smoke Damage Restoration utilizes professional, industry standard equipment such as Hydroxl Generators and Ozone Technology. We are able to remove odors on a molecular level before completing the finished restoration process. Our specialized smoke damage restoration process allows us to return your precious electronics to you in their pre-loss state.

While smoke related damage may be a major problem for your electronics, it is no match for a Techno Klean Smoke Damaged Restoration. No job is too big or too small...CALL TECHNOKLEAN TODAY!

Smoke Damages Your Electronics. Techno Klean Can Restore Your Precious Electronics To Their Pre-Loss Condition! Call Techno Klean today for a free consultation! Servicing Philadelphia, PA and beyond!